60 min

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Mat Neivirstellunge vu Fionnlagh, Daily Rituals, Sonmi451, a vu villen aneren! Presentéiert vum Richard Heinemann.


Arovane - Seismograf / Seismograf (Dauw)
Wil Bolton - Points Of Light / Swept (Audiobulb)
Fionnlagh - To Start Again / Beyond The Void (Archives)
Daily Rituals - I Cant Help But Romanticize The Briefness In Which You Existed In My Life / Aftersongs (Seil)
Offthesky - Anatomy Of Infinity / Anatomy of Infinity (Handstitched)
Soysea - Vespro / Oriens (Handstitched)
T 1 D 3 S - The Dust Settles / Antipodes (Mystery Circles)
Mi Cosa de Resistance & Ciro Berenguer - El antiguo Parque de MontJuic / El final de las lluvias (Whitelabrecs)
Jon Neher & Michael Scott Dawson - I Yield My Time / I Yield My Time (Whitelabrecs)
't Geruis - Rester / Terre-Poussière (Forthcoming On Quiet Details)
Sonmi451 - A Nice Little Quandary / The Eighteen Minute Gap (Forthcoming On Laaps)